Discover the art and skill of reconciliation . . . so your relationships become stronger than ever.

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  • ECR Session 01: Introduction


    This session includes the Engaging Conflict Redemptively Manual, one streaming video and one workbook In this session of Engaging Conflict Redemptively, you'll be introduced to the five, dynamic turning points in conflict and why your response at each turning point will lead to peace and joy or more conflict and bitterness. In this session, you will learn: Why most people fear or avoid conflict What Jesus says in the Gospels and Paul says to the Romans about living at peaceHow “living peaceably” requires both personal responsibility and communal discernment What the five Turning Points in Conflict are and how each has power to transform your lifeWhat is your backStory, how it reveals your desire, and why God wants to change your story Why your default feelings and reactions to conflict come from your past, are negative and are likely making your conflict worse, not better This sessions includes one streaming video, one series manual and one workbook. Download and read the Manual first!

  • Engaging Conflict Redemptively Bundle


    This bundle provides you with access to all 12 sessions of Engaging Conflict Redemptively, including: 12 videos 12 pdf workbooks Personal Conflict Assessment FormExamining Your Thoughts, Actions & Speech exercise This bundle provides all resources above for one person ONLY.

  • Examining Your Thoughts, Actions & Speech: A Personal Exercise


    Download this personal exercise designed for you to identify, examine and remove the "plank" in your eye.

  • Five Things Every Leader Must Do In Conflict


    If you are a leader--whether a CEO or parent, a coach a teacher or pastor--people will look to you for help when conflict erupts. Do you know what to do? Our work with thousands of leaders has discovered five proven steps you must take to reconcile conflict. FREE RESOURCE!

  • How to Say, "I'm Sorry" and Really Mean it.


    This resource will identify and guide you, step-by-step through the seven essential elements in making a genuine, humble confession. Use this resource to prayerfully consider and write out your thoughts before making a personal confession . . . so that you can say "Im sorry," and really mean it.

  • Marriage Conflict Style Assessment: For You & Your Spouse


    Two copies of the same survey--one for you and one for your spouse--to identify and correct negative patterns of conflict response in your marriage.

  • Personal Conflict Style Assessment Form


    Use this form to assess your Personal Conflict Assessment style. You'll discover which negative, quick-fix reaction you are likely to use in conflict, and what steps you need to take to learn redemptive responses.Every person has a default quick-fix reaction to conflict that is learned, often practiced unawares and is making the conflict worse. The first step to learning how to be redemptive is to identify what is wrong with you thinking, feeling and acting about conflict. The Personal Conflict Assessment form is a great place to start.