Discover the art and skill of reconciliation . . . so your relationships become stronger than ever.

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  • Engaging Conflict Redemptively Bundle


    This bundle provides you with access to all 12 sessions of Engaging Conflict Redemptively, including: 12 videos Personal Workbook with study guide for all 12 sessionsPersonal Conflict Assessment FormExamining Your Thoughts, Actions & Speech exercise This bundle provides all resources above for one person ONLY.

  • Engaging Conflict Redemptively FREE SAMPLE


    In this free sample of Engaging Conflict Redemptively, you'll be introduced to the five, dynamic turning points in conflict and why your response at each turning point will lead to peace and joy or more conflict and bitterness. This sessions includes one video and one workbook.

  • Engaging Conflict Redemptively PERSONAL Workbook


    This workbook includes in one document the study guide for ALL twelve sessions of Engaging Conflict Redemptively. This workbook may be used for personal study, reflection and application of the Engaging Conflict Redemptively material as well as the study guide for one person in a small group.